Who are we?

We would like to present to you the website Manilia.hu, which was dreamed up by Rózsa and Zoli with the aim of presenting all sides, essence and diversity of Vanília. We passionately believe that our business will be successful, and our main goal is that our valued Customers and Users experience maximum satisfaction with our products.

Manília.hu is a platform with vanilla as its central theme. We are deeply committed to offering you high quality and authentic vanilla products. Our wide selection includes the finest vanilla beans and vanilla powders. All our products are carefully selected to ensure the best quality and the intense taste of real vanilla.

It is not only the quality of the products that matters to us, but also customer relations and customer satisfaction. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, so we do everything we can to provide the highest quality service. Our team consists of trained and enthusiastic professionals who are always ready to help you navigate the world of vanilla and to answer any questions or requests.

We believe that Manilia.hu is the ideal place for vanilla lovers to discover the values and diversity of this fascinating spice.

Be part of the love and tradition of vanilla and try our products.

Sincerely, Rózsa Hidasi and Zoltán Marosán, owners.

Our daily struggles:

Our online store was launched in 2023 and has been growing ever since. However, our company also has its struggles that it faces every day. Let's look at some of them.

High demand for vanilla beans

Our company has to compete constantly with other vanilla bean distributors to ensure the right quantity and quality of vanilla beans for our customers.

The high price of vanilla beans.

Vanilla pods are an expensive raw material, the price of which has risen significantly in recent years. In many cases we have to find ways to offer vanilla beans to our customers at competitive prices.

The logistical challenges

Vanilla pods are a sensitive product that must be stored and transported properly. It is our job to ensure that the vanilla pods reach our customers intact.

Our milestones:

From dream to reality...


We dreamed it,

The establishment of Manilia as a company in 2023 was part of a very fast process. A dream became reality in almost 24 hours. We want to pass this feeling on to our customers. The dream is now reality


The first deliveries

The first deliveries arrived with a high level of anxiety because, although we knew the quality was perfect, we couldn't foresee the route. We believed in our dreams and our desires.


First purchases

The first purchase is a milestone for any business, MI believe that what we do is done to the best of our ability and with a pure heart. Because every Customer is important!

Try our products!

We can help you find the perfect choice if you need it.

Vanilla beans

Our successes:

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