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Madagascar BourbonRich, sweet taste; intense, creamy scent;Madagascar
Tahitian vanillaFruity, floral taste; floral fragrance; dark colored and soft vanillaTahiti and the Pacific Islands
Mexican vanillaSpicy, slightly sweet taste; strong smell Madagascar
Indonesian vanilla Slightly spicy taste; typical vanilla scent;Indonesia
Indonesian planifoliaCharacterized by a raisin scent, it contains bold, earthy vanilla notes with dark cocoa nuances.Indonesia
Kerema PNGA sweet, fruity and floral vanilla fragrance with simplicity, elegance and tradition.Papua new Guinea
Hawaiian vanillaAs with all vanilla beans, the dominant flavor is sweet and bold vanilla. But the scent and taste of tropical fruit bring this vanilla to life. A hint of mango, guava, papaya and even a delicious cocoaMadagascar/Hawaii
Ugandan The bold vanilla bean with hints of raisins and figs, with a mocha undertone. Soft and fruity vanillaUganda
Madagascar tahitensisIt is known for its very delicate floral aroma and fruitinessMadagascar/Indonesia
Indonesian SumatraVanilla bean for dark chocolate lovers. Indonesian beans have an earthy, strong and smoky vanilla profile that contributes to the chocolate and coffee notes.Indonesia
Vanuatu vanillaThe taste is fruity and slightly spicy. In addition to the sweet and soft taste, fruity notes such as plum or banana can often be felt.Vanuatu/MDG
Sri Lankan vanillaIts bold vanilla flavor is softened by the punch of dates. Behind the vanilla is a cocoa scent reminiscent of mocha rich in chocolate.Sri Lanka
East Timor vanillaIts smell and taste are usually floral and slightly spicy, which gives it a pleasant and strong aroma.East Timor
Ecuadorian vanillaBold with hints of vanilla, plum, apricot and cherry. Rich seed content, with a floral aroma and tasteEcuador

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